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Online Nursing Degrees

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The following online colleges and universities provide nursing degrees online.

Kaplan University

  • MS in Nursing/Nurse Administrator (Master's)
  • MS in Nursing/Nurse Educator (Master's)
  • RN to B.S. in Nursing (Master's)
  • RN to MS in Nursing (Master's)

Keiser University

  • RN to BSN

Liberty University Online

  • Nursing (RN to BSN)

South University

  • Nursing (Master's)
  • Nursing - Accelerated RN-MSN (Master's)
  • Nursing - Accelerated RN-MSN - Adult Health Nurse Practitioner (Master's)
  • Nursing - Accelerated RN-MSN - Nurse Educator (Master's)
  • Nursing - Adult Health Nurse Practitioner  (Master's)

University of Phoenix Online

  • Nursing (Master's)
  • Nursing/Nursing/Health Care Education (Master's)
  • Nursing/Integrative Health Care (Master's)
  • Nursing/MBA/HCM (Master's)

Walden University

  • Nursing (BSN-Master's in Nursing) (Master's)
  • Nursing (RN - Master's in Nursing) (Master's)

Western Governors University

  • Health Informatics (Master's)
  • Nursing (Master's)
  • Health Education (Master's)
  • Nursing -- Education (Master's)
  •  Nursing -- Leadership and Management (Master's)
  • Nursing -- Education (RN to MSN Option) (Master's)
  • Nursing -- Leadership and Management (RN to MSN Option) (Master's)


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