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Online Information Systems Degrees

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The following online colleges and universities provide Information Technology degrees online.

American InterContinental University

  • Information Systems (Associate's)
  • Computer Forensics (Bachelor's)
  • Computer Systems (Bachelor's)
  • Internet Security (Bachelor's)
  • Network Administration (Bachelor's)
  • Programming (Bachelor's)
  • Internet Security (Master's)
  • IT Project Management (Master's)

Baker College Online

  • Computer Info Systems - Microcomputer Apps (Associate's)
  • Computer Info Sys (Bachelor's)
  • Project Mgmt / Planning (Bachelor's)
  • Information Systems (Master's)

Capella University

  • General (Bachelor's)
  • Graphics and Multimedia (Bachelor's)
  • Network Technology (Bachelor's)
  • Project Management (Bachelor's)
  • General (Master's)
  • Information Security (Master's)
  • Network Architecture and Design (Master's)
  • Project Management and Leadership (Master's)
  • System Design and Programming (Master's)

Colorado Technical University

  • Software Systems Engineering (Bachelor's)
  • Network Management (Bachelor's)
  • Security (Bachelor's)

DeVry University

  • Information Technology (Bachelor's)
  • Computer Information Systems (Bachelor's)
  • Business/Management (Bachelor's)
  • Computer Forensics (Bachelor's)
  • Database Management (Bachelor's)
  • Information Systems Security (Bachelor's)
  • Systems Analysis & Integration (Bachelor's)
  • Web Development & Administration (Bachelor's)

Everest University

  • Computer Information Science (Bachelor's)

Kaplan University

  • Information Technology (Associate's)
  • Application Development (Associate's)
  • Network Administration (Associate's)
  • Web Development (Associate's)
  • Information Technology (Bachelor's)
  • Health Informatics (Bachelor's)
  • Mobile Computing (Bachelor's)
  • New Media /Internet Marketing (Bachelor's)
  • BS in Information Technology-Project Management (Bachelor's)
  • Application Development (Bachelor's)
  • Database Management (Bachelor's)
  • Information Security and Forensics (Bachelor's)
  • Network Administration (Bachelor's)
  • Web Development (Bachelor's)
  • Information Technology (Master's)
  • Project Management (Master's)
  • Business Intelligence (Master's)
  • Information Security and Assurance (Master's)

Keiser University

  • Information Technology (Associate's)
  • Information Technology Management (Bachelor's)
  • Management Information Systems (Bachelor's)

Strayer University

  • Internetworking Technology (Associate's)

University of Phoenix Online

  • Information Technology (Master's)
  • Internet Systems (Master's)

Walden University

  • Information Systems (Master's)
  • Management (Master's)

Western Governors University

  • Information Systems Security (Bachelor's)
  • Human Computer Interaction (Bachelor's)
  • Healthcare Informatics (Bachelor's)
  • Educational Computing (Bachelor's)
  • Online Work and Communities (Bachelor's)
  • Information Systems Management (Bachelor's)
  • IT Strategy and Governance (Master's)
  • Business Information Management (Master's)
  • Customer Relationship Marketing (Master's)
  • Enterprise Information Security (Master's)
  • Managing Global Software & Service Supply Chains (Master's)

Westwood College Online

  • Information Systems Security (Bachelor's)
  • Game Art & Design (Bachelor's)
  • Game Software Development (Bachelor's)
  • Visual Communications (Bachelor's)
  • Web Design & Multimedia (Bachelor's)


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