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Comprehensive GRE Courses ($27 )

These include GRE Verbal Preparation, GRE Math Study Guide and GRE Analytical Writing Course at a special price of only $27 (original price: $36).

GRE Verbal Preparation ($12)

  • Keyword/key phrase searching techniques that can help you immediately find exactly what you are looking for. You will not waste time scouring the passages in the Reading Comprehension section.
  • Tips on how to identify clues (such as transitional words) that indicate the relationship of each sub-sentence in the Sentence Completion section.
  • Summaries of 18 types of logical relationship between two words for the Analogy questions.
  • A list of roots that can help you guess the meaning of words by their roots on the test day.

GRE Math Study Guide ($15)

  • A comprehensive math review of Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry in easy to understand, non-technical language. You will find that no question is beyond the scope of our discussion.
  • When a simple concept is used to create math question in a complicated manner, it becomes a problem. This guide has identified the most commonly found word problems and then developed specific techniques to solve each of them.
  • The inclusion of solved examples for each difficult level to explain clearly the difference between a difficult question and an easy one.

GRE Analytical Writing Course ($9)

  • A detailed description of how your essays will be scored;
  • Separate chapters on issues and arguments;
  • A section on what the e-rater favors and how to fool it; and
  • Sixty sample answers to actual GRE essay questions.

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