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GRE Analytical Writing Course ($9)

(Includes 60 sample answers to actual GRE essay questions)

Your GRE essays will be graded by both an e-rater and a human grader. The e-rater is a computer program, designed to evaluate your writing according to the pre-programmed criteria. If the computer and human grader differ greatly in their assessments, a second human will act as referee and make the final call. The final step is to average all four scores (two for each essay and round the result to the nearest half point. This becomes the AWA score included on the score report sent to the programs to which you applied.
That means the admissions office and/or professors can see your original input before they make their admissions decisions. Therefore, a good or bad essay can literally make or break your chances of being admitted to a graduate school of your choice.

What is a good essay? A good essay is persuasive in content, well organized in structure, and clear in its use of the English language with, ideally, no grammar errors.

General Strategy
The e-rater's main impact is to place more value on highly structured writing and the use of keywords and phrases that it recognizes. If you do not write your essay in the proper format for the E-rater, you could receive a lower score. So, be mindful of the following Do's and Don'ts.


  • Clearly show your essay organization by using transitional words and phrases, such as “first,” “finally” and “therefore” to make your essay highly structured.
  • Carefully read our sample responses to Real Essays to understand how to write an E-rater-friendly essay.
  • Respond to at least five essays each within the limit of 30 minutes. This is designed to make sure you are able to cover every necessary paragraph on the test day.


  • Write an essay like a prose or story. The E-rater simply doesn’t like this. Rather, your essay should be logically clear, and succinct in content, more like a summary of strategy report from McKinsey.
  • Type “threefore” when you mean “therefore.” If you do, the e-rater will assume there is no such word.
  • Prepare very carefully for each of the 280 questions. Remember that no one can prepare carefully for everything. Your score on the GRE is only one of the criteria that the graduate schools consider. (Other factors such as work experience and application essays are also very important.)

Features of our Writing Courses:

  • A detailed description of how your essays will be scored;
  • Separate chapters on issues and arguments;
  • A section on what the e-rater favors and how to fool it; and
  • Sixty sample answers to actual GRE essay questions.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Analysis of Issue

1. General Strategies
2. Essay Template
3. Timing

Chapter 3: Analysis of Argument

1. What are you expected to do?
2. Three Common Logical Fallacies
3. Essay Template
4. Timing

Chapter 4: About the E-rater

Chapter 5: Sample Responses to Real Questions

1. Analysis of Issue
2. Analysis of Argument

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